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Un atlas de spots de navegación kitesurf hecho por kiters para kiters
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 Federal State of Micronesia

Australia y el Pacífico

Ubicación: Oceania, island group in the North Pacific Ocean, about three-quarters of the way from Hawaii to Indonesia.
Coordenadas geográficas: 6° 33' N, 158° 9' E
Km de línea costera: 6,112 km km
Clima: tropical; heavy year-round rainfall, especially in the eastern islands; located on southern edge of the typhoon belt with occasionally severe damage
Terreno: islands vary geologically from high mountainous islands to low, coral atolls; volcanic outcroppings on Pohnpei, Kosrae, and Chuuk
Cumbres: highest point: Dolohmwar (Totolom) 791 m
Riesgos naturales: typhoons (June to December)
Moneda: US dollar (USD)
Población: 108,105 (July 2005 est.)
Lenguas: English (official and common language), Trukese, Pohnpeian, Yapese, Kosrean, Ulithian, Woleaian, Nukuoro, Kapingamarangi
Capital: Palikir
División administrativa: 4 states; Chuuk (Truk), Kosrae (Kosaie), Pohnpei (Ponape), Yap

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Por djcluv , 8 ene

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