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Un atlas de spots de navegación kitesurf hecho por kiters para kiters
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 Bellmont Shores

USA, California

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Por heykerrdog , 19-04-2010

Lifeguard Contact, Rules, Parking - Belmont Shores is part of the City of Long Beach, CA. The Long Beach Life Guard phone is 562-570-1360. They will take you to soak your stingray sting in hot water. There are kiteboarding rules posted on a big billboard sign on the beach by the La Verne Street parking lot. Parking on the street is free. Parking in the parking lots is quarters only and one quarter gets you 15 minutes. There are no change machines, so if you forget your quarters, you're off on a wild goose chase. There's a laundromat on E. 2nd St. and N. Ravenna Dr., but it's a bit of a drive and inconvenient after you've already arrived at the parking lot. Parking is enforced by the "Parking Nazi" who will pull up behind your car and block you in while writing you a $50 ticket. He does not care if you are unloading, just arrived, waiting on somebody, talking, undecided, pumping up, waiting for quarters from your buddy, or any of your creative or colorful excuses. It's a lousy deal, but he does not care. So, pull into the parking spot, get out of your car, and deposit your quarters immediately. If you think you can pull in for half a minute, unpack your stuff on the beach, then park on the street for free before the Parking Nazi arrives, you'll lose. He's sneaky and unsociable. Parking is enforced daily until 6pm. You can purchase an annual parking pass from the City of Long Beach via the web www.thepermitstore.com.

Por Matt , 31-05-2007

Belmont Shore - Belmont Shore is the correct name for this place.

Por Anonymous , 27-03-2007

Sting Reys - Last weekend was a great day at Bellmont till cut short when my brother was entering the water. While thinking he got pinched by a crab a sting rey peirced his foot. The pain from the poision overwhelmed him as he moaned like a baby. My brother is a big guy and tuff too, so to see him in this type of situation I knew it had to hurt. I remembered reading about there was no aniqdote for the posion and the only way to subside the pain is with hot water so i rushed him home.

So remeber, if you step on a sting rey and it happens to sting you, bring your kite in and get your foot soaked in hot water. The pain sucks!!

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